Virtual Private Server is more commonly known as VPS which serves as your private server on a bigger dedicated server. If you have a VPS, you get full control of a portion of the dedicated server with its own operating system and gives you full access to do what you want to do with it. So even if other clients are on the node or server, your virtual private server will not be accessed by anyone except you so it is virtually safe and secure.

Instead of signing up for an expensive dedicated server, a virtual private server enables you to have more resources compared to a typical shared hosting setting. In addition, you also have full control over things that are ran through your server so you can decide what type of applications you want to use to make sure your website runs efficiently. VPS gives you the capacity to white label a cPanel for your own client’s customers. In essence, VPS gives total control and better functionality without paying an expensive hosting price for a dedicated server. A VPS is ideal for running a forum a site or a group website with total access to clients.

And while VPS hosting is thought to be more expensive compared to shared web hosting, this is more affordable compared to renting a dedicated server because you will only have to pay almost half the price of dedicated hosting with VPS hosting and still enjoy the same features and benefits. VPS hosting is excellent for hosting a number of websites in a setting where you want to have complete control of your hosting requirements and still be able to keep the costs down. You have the option to install and set up a custom Apache module or you can try a newer programming language that will be able to meet your hosting prerequisites. With VPS hosting, you can still access your account and introduce detailed changes using a remote desktop or command line although your actual hosting company usually provides efficient way to administer your websites using a cPanel or a virtualization control panel.