In the web hosting industry, a dedicated server is the rented server for exclusive use of the computer with a dedicated web server, internet connection and other related software located in the web hosting provider’s premises. Basically, a dedicated server is needed if a particular website is expected to have a huge volume of traffic like a website that is expected to encounter more than thirty five million hits on a daily basis.

Most dedicated servers can be remote operated and configured from the client company. Web hosting providers state that by using a dedicated server on the company’s premises helps save expenses on router, security system, internet connection as well as network administration expenses. A number of host providers enable a client company to buy its own computer server and install the necessary server and set it up on the location of the host provider. This particular service is known as co-location.

When renting a dedicated server, clients can be required to utilize a specific computer system or they can choose from several systems already in place. More often than not, clients that rent a dedicated server have their own specific requirement of hard disk space, amount of memory and bandwidth or the gigabytes of expected data that must be delivered on a monthly basis. And depending on the requirements of the host company, a dedicated server’s client can also perform virtual hosting by renting the services to third parties to host their websites. With a dedicated server, the number of email, domain name system, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and other capabilities are usually included in the hosting package and a user friendly control interface for the benefit of novice clients.

Depending on your perspective, dedicated servers have its own set of advantages although this is a bit more expensive than virtual hosting services. If you are expecting more traffic on your website, opting for a dedicated server hosting package is more cost effective and practical. Aside from network administration expenses, you can also save on other related expenses such as internet connection fee, security system and others.