CDN or Content Delivery Network may also stand for Content Distribution Network. CDN is in charge of delivering or distributing the site’s content to the server of the visitor. However, the primary feature of CDN is the delivery of the site content in real time by significantly minimizing the loading time of the website.

CDN is made up of several servers located around the world. So if you incorporate with CDN, your site’s content will be copied on all the servers being used. And because of this, your site’s content will be delivered to your visitor faster by using the nearest server to the visitor’s geographical location instead of using the main hosting server. With CDN, your website will have a much faster loading time and improving the site’s performance to a larger extent.

CDN is also used to host static files like CSS, java script, images, video files, PDF and mp3 files among others. This is actually possible even if the entire dynamic content of your website is hosted on your main server only. The result is significant reduction on the server’s load and eventually helps you save more bandwidth not to mention the faster loading of your web pages.