How to hide IP address using Tor + Tor Browser

TOR is a free software used for hiding IP addresses. Basically, it works by bouncing an IP address from any of its relays located around the globe. In essence, Tor is simply a massive database of different proxies that users can access to keep secure their identity online. While using Tor browsers when going online, different websites will not be able to keep track of the geographic location of your IP address or track what you have been searching online. Tor is very valuable because it has been configured to work with any website browser. This is also capable for remote log-in applications and can even be used with instant messaging programs.

Tor developers suggest that in order for the software to work effectively, it is much better to use it with a Tor Browser. This is the most secure way of browsing the internet by totally hiding your IP address. If you are searching for sensitive information and you do not want your IP to be tracked, Tor software is the solution. People all over the world use this program and even government agencies have adapted to this as well.

However, Tor can only do as much and you have to change some of your online habits because majority of the things you are used to will not work exactly as you thought it would be. Tor is not designed to protect the traffic you receive and create in the internet. It can only protect the applications in your computer that are properly configured to connect to the internet via Tor. So in order to avoid problems related with Tor configuration, using the Tor Browser Bundle is strongly recommended. This bundle is already pre-configured to safeguard your anonymity and privacy online as long as all your browsing activities course through the Tor Browser itself. Since major browsers are designed to track your IP, it is unsafe to use these different browsers in line with your Tor application.

Hiding one’s IP is not illegal but you have to make sure that the software you are using is really safe.